We can also source and supply Equipment to suit client’s requirement through our well established strong chain of principals & manufacturers worldwide.

Liferafts, Cradles & Hydrostatic Release Units

Inflatable boats

Emarkation and pilot ladder

Rope Ladder, Jacob Ladder, Pilot Ladder Magnet & Blue Box Suction Pad

Lifejacket, Work Vest & Lifejacket Light

Immersion Suits & Rescue Stretchers

Lifebuoy & Buoy Marker Lights

Marking Flashing Light for Survival Crafts

Cargo Net, Scramble Net & Gangway Net

Markusnet Man overboard rescue units

Personnel Transfer Net

Fireman Suits & Accessories

Gas Masks & Filters

Marine Fire Hose

Fire Extinguishers Portable or Non Portable

Fire Hose, Coupling, Nozzles, Hydrant Valves & Monitors

Breathing Air Compressors

Fiberglass Cabinets, Boxes & Storage Containers

HDPE Storage Cabinets for Marine & Offshore Use

Safety Storage Cabinets

Waterproof/Shockproof Hard Plastic Cases For Safe Storage & Transport Application

Electric Insulated Rescue & Lifesaving kits

ATEX Explosion Proof Safety Lamp

Signalling Lights, Beacons & Marker Lights

Ventilation & Cleaning Equipments

Marine Batteries & Battery Charger

Rescue Stretchers

Fire blanket and first aids kit

Bridge Windows Sun Screen Wipers & Pilot Chairs

Pumps & Motors

Pumps & Motors 2

Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

Oil Spill Equipment & Accessories

Inflatable Buoys & Fenders

Security Equipment as per ISPS Code

Lifebaot Seat Belts, PVC Tarpaulins & Covers

Wooden Blocks, Painting Stages, Marine Lumber & Boatswain Chairs

Testers for Smoke Detector, Heat Detector & Flame Detectors

Pyrotechnics, Distress & MOB Smoke and Light Markers

Lifeboat Fall Preventer Devices (FPD)

Lifeboat & Rescue Boat SOLAS Equipment

Escape smoke hood

Nautical Equipments

Measuring Equipments

EPIRB, SART, AIS/GPS Receiver & Binoculars

Signaling Equipments

Hatch Sealing Tapes, Anti Slip Tapes, Anti Splash Tapes & SOLAS Tapes

Photoluminiscent Signs, Tapes, Safety Posters & Pipe Marking Tapes

SOLAS Training / Fire Training Manual, Safety Training Video & LSA Check List

Fall Arrestor Block, Safety Harness & Belts

Safety Helmet, Spectacles, Goggles Earmuff, Boots & Gloves

Full Face Mask and Filters

Release hook for Rescue boat & Liferaft

Fixed Fire Fighting System & Fire Detection

Breathing Apparatus & Emergency Escape Breathing Devices

Medical Oxygen Sets Portable and Fixed

Gas Detector

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