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Lubricant, Rope, Advance, 12kg – Bridon Brilube 70


BL70 Safety Data sheet

Estimated delivery date 2020/09/11


Lubricant, Rope, Advance, 12kg – Bridon Brilube 70

A semi-dry thin film lubricant with excellent penetration and corrosion resisting properties. Formulated for frequent use in harsh working conditions, whilst minimising lubricant build-up and abrasive particle contamination. A unique hybrid grease, suitable for operation in ultra deep waters. A wide operting temperature range suitable for active heave compensation systems and warmer tropical climates. Along with a three stage corrosion protection system with a unique ‘water wash off’ performance for frequent subsea operation.

For heavy duty working ropes in highly aggressive environments and standing ropes in marine locations. A medium thixotropic gel lubricant with stable properties over a wide temperature range offering long lasting corrosion protection.

Suitable for active heave compensator systems
Artic and tropical climates
Subsea deployment in ultra deep waters
Enhanced wash off protection
Extreme corrosion protection
Greater wear resistance
Advanced high performance hybrid grease developed to perform in more challenging environments

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Weight 12.5 kg


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