IMPA Type Size Weight Unit
232510 Sheet 390×390mm 33grm/sht 50shtl/box
232514 Sheet 430×480mm 44grm/sht 50shtl/box
232518 Sheet 500×500mm 150grm/sht 100shtl/box
232519 Sheet 500×500mm 150grm/sht 200shtl/box
232511 Sheet 430×480mm 88grm/sht 50shtl/box
232512 Sheet Static resist. 45grm/sht 100shtl/box
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Made from specially treated polypropylene microfibers and ideal for emergency spill and daily clean-up of oils with no-sweeping or shoveling required. Less time is required to use and dispose of these materials. They are available in sheets, rolls booms and assorted sets in drum containers.


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