Viking SOLAS Throw Overboard DK+ Liferaft 25 Person Pack B

For use on commercial vessels, fishing vessels, passenger vessels and offshore installations.­

The Viking Throw Overboard DK+ Liferaft 25 Person is released from its cradle and thrown overboard or slides automatically when released.­Once waterborne, it inflates with a hard pull of the painter line and is then ready for boarding.­Delivered in a round, fibreglass container.

– Exceptionally stable even in extremely rough seas
– Two individual buoyancy chamber, each carrying capacity weight
– Designed to be inflated on deck level and while connected to the davit lowered to water level
– High durability with an expected lifespan of 15-20 years
– Approved according to SOLAS LSA code, EC directive 96/98/EC and USCG.
– 16 Person capacity
– Also available with Pack A emergency kit (enquire instore on +353 28 23190)
– SOLAS approved Viking Liferaft under the DK+ range part no: L000D0001


All SOLAS Liferafts have either a pack A or B inside. The A Pack consists of bailer, paddles, topping-up pump, sea anchor, sponges, parachute flares, smoke signals, hand flares, repair kit, drinking cup, seasick tablets, flashlight, flashlight batteries, flashlight bulb, signal mirror, first aid kit, fishing kit, can opener, whistle, food, water, thermal protective aids and seasickness bags.

The SOLAS B Pack consists of the above with the exception of food and water. Additionally, there are fewer parachute flares, smoke signals and hand flares.


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